Travel by air

Depending on the route and the airlines, your destination airport will be located in Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga or Riga. You will be able to continue the journey from the airport to the Festival grounds by Tundra-bus (from Kaunas or Vilnius if you have booked a seat in advance), by car or by other means of public transport. When reserving your plane tickets, be sure to consider the overall price of the journey and the transfer times if you have no one to greet you at the airport. Vilnius and Kaunas airports are the most convenient in terms of prices, trip durations, etc.

Vilnius Airport serves the most airlines in Lithuania, while the trip from the airport to the Festival grounds is the shortest. Here, you will have the widest range of choices when transferring, and choosing your arrival and departure times.

The popular cheap flight airline Ryainair mainly operates to and from Kaunas Airport. The trip to the Festival grounds from Kaunas will take longer as compared to the trip from Vilnius, but the airport is located in the town of Karmėlava, which is right on the route from Kaunas to “Tundra” thus giving you faster and easier access to the Festival grounds by car.