About the Festival

Tundra is one of the leading electronic music festivals in Lithuania and Baltic countries
that can distinguished for a strong bond with nature and a nine-year history. Based on a
beautiful lake peninsula in North Eastern Lithuania, the Festival covers a variety of musical
genres from techno to IDM, from drum'n'bass to post-dubstep, and from psy trance to

This year’s Tundra will be mysterious as never before. At night, the wanderers and dancers
will be illuminated by bright full moon, while the entire Festival will be supervised by four
majestic Gods of Tundra. The dreamy island will offer daytime activities too – the mist-
covered morning will greet with whispers and conversations, while the sun-caressed
day will invite to visit workshops, meditations, performances, baths and yoga sessions.
Numerous kitchens will deliver ample energy, while the acts on the four stages will provide
the space and the sound to burn it.