Useful information

When going Tundra, leave your work, your worries and your boredom as well as all your bad habits and intolerance at home. Positive vibe of the Festival depends on your ability to co-exist with nature, your neighbours and yourself, therefore we would like to ask you to have fun and rest in a way that is best for you as well as for those near you.

This short guide is a summary of the most important information provided on this website to help you choose the way of getting to the Festival site, get familiar with the event area, have fun in a safe way and hear we are trying to tell you.

Get ready for the event and share the know-how with your friends.

Information point

Information here will be easier to understand if you check out the map of the festival campus.

An information point will be open during the Festival where you can get answers to your questions, find out about the changes in the line-ups, reclaim or bring lost and found items, enlist in the activities of the Festival, read or post notices on a billboard etc. Near the information centre, you will find a tent of Red Cross volunteers, who will be keeping vigil during the entire Festival, and a phone charging point.

What do you need to bring to the Festival?

When going to the Festival, be sure to bring personal ID, vehicle registration documents and a driver’s licence, your ticket to the Festival, directions to the Festival site and a map, some cash, as well as the following items:

  • A tent, a sleeping bag and other things necessary for your comfort;
  • Medications you might need, personal hygiene implements, insect repellents, and UV protection;
  • A waterproof raincoat and a pair of rubber-boots in case of showers;
  • A pocket flashlight so you can find your way about at night, especially in the camping areas where obstacles are usually abundant;
  • A cool-bag for food that doesn’t like high temperatures and some sealed imperishable snacks.

Getting there

The most convenient ways of reaching the Festival site are described in the sections “By Tundra-bus”, “By car”, “By public transport” and “By plane”. Before departing, make sure you don’t forget important items and documents. If you have extra time on your journey, we insist you visit some of the interesting destinations around the Festival site. To avoid getting lost or delayed on your way, we advise to read and print out the directions to the Festival site or at least grab the flyer which will help you find the way. Detailed directions can be found in the section “Getting there” by clicking the link “Version for printing” under each map.

If you plan to take the special Tundra-bus, you can find the schedules and places of departure in the section “By Tundra-bus”.

We would like to remind you that only cars with special permits as well as campers and caravans (for a 40 LTL fee) will be allowed to enter the Festival site. A spacious and free of charge parking area will be available close to the Festival entrance and a smaller secure parking area will be provided for 30 LTL per car and 20 LTL per motorcycle. Employees and volunteers of the Festival will do their best to maintain order and security within the parking areas, but be advised not to leave any valuables in the vehicles.

Camping areas

Camping areas will be located in the resting zones of the Festival site. No camping fee will be charged. Choose your neighbours. Get to know the owners of the adjacent tents, memorise their faces, exchange phone numbers and arrange mutual security agreements with regard to your property. Passers-by may trip over your tent after dark, therefore we advise to mark the tent with bright or reflective items. Do not leave unsupervised valuables in your tent even for a short period of time. Respect your neighbours, watch your noise level and do not litter in camping areas.

Food and drinks

There will be enough bars and eateries selling both vegetarian and traditional food; most of them will be working 24 hours a day. Most of the food outlets will be listed in the section “Food and drinks”, while the final selection for the thirsty and the hungry will be even wider. Alcoholic beverages will be available at all times and at an appealing price, therefore no alcohol will be allowed to be brought to the Festival site. We would like to remind you that no drinks can be brought into or carried around the Festival grounds in glass containers.


The vibe will be better if everyone does his/her best to keep the environment clean. Enough litterbins will be placed around the Festival site so you can always discard empty beer cans or cracker packs in an environmentally friendly way. Please, do not litter on the ground and remind people around you not to do so either.
Remember the 5 LTL waste deposit which you have paid and can reclaim upon leaving the Festival site and submitting your full waste bag.


The Festival site is surrounded by a lake with enough swimming areas. Please, be responsible: do not go deep into the water if you can’t swim or are intoxicated, and deter other from doing so (security personnel can be called if necessary), do not damage water entertainment equipment and do not litter in the water. We insist on refraining from using chemical bathing compounds (soap, shampoo, toothpaste) in the water of the lake.
The Festival site will also be equipped with a network of portable toilets. Please, do not pollute the nature and try to leave the toilets as clean as you would like to find them.

Personal safety and public order

The safety in all areas of the Festival site will be enforced by stern and professional security personnel. The security can inspect your wristband at any time, prevent you from entering the Festival site or expel you from the Festival site if you are heavily intoxicated, insubordinate, aggressive, or refuse to follow the regulations of the Festival's organisers. We do not approve of the consumption of psychoactive compounds and reserve a right to solve related incidents using internal as well as legal measures.

Open fire

Building fires in undesignated places is strictly forbidden both inside and around the Festival site. Special fireplaces will be set up across the Festival area. It is forbidden to: burn waste instead of firewood; cut down trees and branches thereof; or damage equipment of the Festival.
Portable grills may be used, but precautions have to be taken to prevent grass and soil from burning.

If you still have questions…

More answers to questions can be found in the section “FAQ”.