Daytime activities

U pajėgos U pajėgos U pajėgos will keep you entertained in mobile sauna or refresh your tired body by trying “Utenos” water games.
Fotografijos laboratorija Photo laboratory 19–20th century photo laboratories where silver prints will be made including pictures of Festival attendants and environment. Silver plates will be developed in the starlight and a photography exhibition will be opened afterwards.
No image Massage Sports physiologist, coach and bathhouse specialist Justas will reveal the secrets of massage – one of the oldest ways of communication between humans.
No image  Gateway to India Pretty, comfortable and interesting clothes and jewellery from India and Nepal.
Niekniekiai ir ko  Niekniekiai ir ko Makers of a bit weird, a bit crazy, but nice and unique hand-made jewellery, accessories and clothes will offer an opportunity to make stuff by yourself or choose from ready-made products.
Būrimo ir astrologijos salonas PELĖDA Fortune-telling and astrology parlour Pelėda Profession astrologist Lilija can make a personal horoscope, help choose dates for important life events, and tell fortune from Tarot cards or palm. Lilija will also tell about the Mayan prophecy of the end of the world and the secrets of drawing love to one’s heart.
Sandra Luotytė - kirpykla Hairdresser An opportunity to plunge into the world of dreams and awaken with a new haircut.
Helga Yutt – Jewellery Unique earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings for young people made using Ice Resin technique. Helga also makes steampunk jewellery.
Kaleidoskopų štabas Kaleidoscope HQ A journey from the party of Tundra to the days of childhood and back. Everyone will be able to make a personal kaleidoscope according to his or her own perception of the world.
Woood Hand-made jewellery Art workshop will help you to sketch and make earrings and other jewellery.
DŽy šmutkės DŽy stuf Make your own personal Festival friend, who will be your decoration and your companion! DŽy also sell accessories and unique clothes.
Tekstilės ir keramikos dirbtuvė Textile and ceramic workshop Textile and ceramic students will give a theoretical and practical introduction to screen printing and clay modelling. Hand-made clay pipes for sale. store Hand-made batik and UV painted clothing, esoteric accessories, UV jewellery, hand-bags of hemp and recycled silk, hippy ponchos, crazy hats, felt footwear for kids. UV modelling clay workshop.
Ekoorigamis Natural origami A workshop of the art of natural origami, which frees the mind, soothes the soul and helps express ideas without words.
Sutartinių mokykla School of polyphonic songs Polyphonic songs are part of the intangible Lithuanian heritage. The workshop organised by the ritual folklore band Kūlgrinda will teach dancing and singing polyphonic songs.
Shamballa sells jewellery of exceptional spirit and discrete luxury; inspired by the tradition of meditation and the culture Buddhism and mainly designed to improve health.
KINECT‘o ŽAIDIMAI Kinect Games Opportunity to try out Kinect games free of charge. It is a fun technology of games controlled by the body motion and gestures.
No image Outdoor sports Football, volleyball and badminton pitches will be available for the games.
No image Style Shop Members of the Textile Club of the Academy of Arts will help turn old clothes, cloths, buttons, belts and other accessories into new original products.
Bartkeviciutė akiniai Sunglasses Stylish, colourful, funny and affordable sunglasses. Hats, caps, headscarves and 100 % natural body oils.
Chna Visual Henna Visual Studio of temporary henna tattoos with an opportunity to don a sari and pose for a picture.
Aerografinės tatuiruotės Temporary Tattoos Temporary tattoos by an experienced artist. 100 % clean and safe tattoos can be made in 5 minutes and will last for 4 to 7 days.
Face Art FACE ART Trys makiažo žinovės savo gebėjimais dalinsis su visais festivalio svečiais, norinčiais sužibėti neeiliniu grožiu.s
Karo Zona B3 War Zone B3 Zone of environmentally friendly alternative sports will offer:
* Shooting cans with oak seeds.
* Roulette goes eco. Gambling away the stuff that is restricting your freedom and win souvenirs of the Festival.
Ugnies ratas Wheel of Fire The studio of professional fire dancers and jugglers “Wheel of Fire” will offer juggling lessons, night shows, live music etc.
Artoteka Artoteka “Artoteka” will help you make a kite of dreams, a puppet of mood, a kaleidoscope or a dream catcher.
Sveikas vaikas Sveikas vaikas will tell about the simple ways to keep the water in your well clean.
Glass Vija Glass Vija A young graduate of Vilnius Academy of Arts will introduce her works and promote glass art.
Galvok žaliai “Galvok žaliai” (“Think Green”) will teach home recycling: make useful items of discarded ones.
Kovaldas Kovaldas “Kovaldas” sells vintage garments, new and renewed clothes, and stuff for young men.
S2 S2 “S2” sells accessories for the young and the stylish: colour glasses, silicone watches etc.
Natūrali Jūratės kosmetika Natural cosmetic from Jūratė Natural cosmetic from Jūratė is protects and cares for the skin. The products are made of natural resources using environmentally friendly techniques. Hairdresser services will also be available. ISKYLAUK.LT IÅ¡ will offer everything you might need for camping at the Festival, including tents, sleeping bags, mats and other camping inventory.
No image Fluxus Tent Fluxus Tent will teach bookbinding and making of organic lanterns. Also, there will be drawing lessons for kids and a clothes exchange.
Sahadža Joga Sahaja Yoga Sahaja Yoga is a spiritual science of the subtle system inside of man, a system of the highest moral principles. Visitors of the Festival will be welcome to join free meditation sessions.
No image Lock Painting In her tent, Aurelija Prasmuntaitė will teach how to paint locks of hair with crayons.
Kūrybos terapijos namai Creative Therapy Painting with feet using natural paint. It will be a living piece of art – ever changing and acquiring new hues.
No image Time Studio Young artists will sell unique items made of vintage watches from the collection Frozen Time inspired by Victorian steampunk aesthetic.
Veidų paieška Casting for filming The visitors of the Festival will have an opportunity to take a glimpse into the backstage of film and advertisement by taking part in an improvised casting.
No image Ecilop Sky acrobatics.
No image Interdisciplinary art festival TARP Interdisciplinary art festival TARP ( presents a programme of short experimental films and audio visual poems.
No image Stargazing with Gediminas Watch the stars, learn the secrets of the night sky and hear the legends and facts about the history and evolution of the Milky Way. Binoculars are recommended.
No image Sash Weaving An easy, funny and meditative workshop of weaving archaic Lithuanian sashes.
No image Accessories of recycled materials Workshops of making accessories from plastic bags and bottles.
No image Wristbands A workshop of tying “friendly” knots and weaving funny and colourful wristbands for friends.
No image Tundra Gallery An outdoor gallery of the Festival. You provide the exhibits and the Peninsula will provide the “walls”.