Getting there and camping

Will there be a bus travelling directly to the Festival site?
Yes, special buses will be running to the Festival site from Kaunas, Vilnius and Utena. See Getting There > By Tundra-bus for bus schedules and prices. Tickets are available at all outlets of the ticketing service Tiketa or on-line at www.tiketa.lt. No service fees apply to the bus tickets!
More information can be found in the section Getting There.
How to reach the Festival site by car?
For the second year in a row, the Festival site will be located on the Peninsula of Lake Dūburys, Zarasai District, Lithuania. Exhaustive description of the route to the event can be found here. Please memorise the directions or print them out before departing.
What is the best way to get to the Festival site?
Each way of travelling has its advantages and disadvantages, and depends on your personal needs. However, in case of doubt we would recommend leaving your car at home and joining your friends, travelling by bus, or requesting a lift in car pooling forums and social networks. If you are driving a car, please, consider giving a ride to other Festival visitors. Fellow-travellers often prove to be a good company and may become your new friends. It is also a good way of making a contribution to saving the environment, cutting travelling expenses and reducing the risk of accidents.
Is there a parking area at the Festival site?
Cars should be parked in designated areas. Only drivers with special permits will be allowed to enter the Festival grounds by car. Campers and caravans will be allowed to the camping areas for a 40 LTL fee.

If you are travelling by bike, please, make sure it is locked at all times.

Is there a parking fee at the Festival site?
Two types of parking areas will be available: a spacious and free of charge parking area, and a smaller, secure parking area which will guarded at all times for an additional 30 LTL fee per car and 20 LTL per motorcycle. Please, don’t park your vehicles on the roadsides as this will impede the traffic of other drivers.
Is there any flyer discount on the ticket price at the entrance?
The Festival’s flyer is purely informational. It does not grant any discount on ticket prices.
Are there any discounts on ticket prices?
The only persons entitled to discounts are the residents of Zarasai District. These special tickets can be purchased upon presenting a document providing the proof of residence.
How do I know the locations and the schedules of events on the Festival site?
Upon arrival to the Festival, you will be given an information booklet containing additional information and a map of the Festival grounds. Camping areas, stages, catering outlets, showers, WCs, etc. will be marked on the map.
Where do I camp?
Camping areas will be marked on the map of the Festival site, which will be given to you upon the arrival to the Festival. You can choose a location for your tent freely, but only in designated camping areas.
Is there a camping fee at the Festival site?
No, camping is free of charge for both the participants and the attendees of the Festival. No fees for camping on the Festival site will be collected.
What should I know about the security of my personal belongings?
Get to know the neighbours around your tent. Make arrangements to assist each other in keeping an eye on your stuff, try to remember the faces of your neighbours and exchange phone numbers. Do not leave valuable items without supervision, or better still leave them at home altogether. Do not leave them in unlocked cars, tents or places that seem secure at the first glance. Make sure each time that you are leaving your property in safe hands.
When is the opening of the Festival? When is it closed?
Visitors will be allowed to the Festival site from Thursday, 5 June 2012, noon. The programme of the Festival on the major stages begins at 10 PM, but one of the beach stages will be open from noon to help early visitors pass time until the beginning of the big parties. The first visitors will find this period of time sufficient to get to know the Festival grounds, build a tent, etc. The programme of the Festival will end on Sunday, 8 July 2012, 8 AM. Waste deposits can be reclaimed until 3 PM, while the island has to be vacated by 8 PM.

During the Festival

Can I film the Festival and/or take pictures?
There are no restrictions on filming or taking pictures within the Festival site. However, keep it in mind that not every person is willing to be captured by random cameras, and try to ask for permissions before you take pictures or film people.
Is there any food available at the Festival? What kind of food?
Traditional and vegetarian food will be available from various catering outlets within the Festival grounds – some of them will be offering services 24 hours. Food and drinks will be provided by a considerable number of eateries so you shouldn’t bother about bringing your own provisions. Special fire places will be available for heating food. Fires in undesignated places within the Festival site are strictly forbidden.
What should I know about waste disposal within the Festival area?
A special coupon will be given to each visitor at the Festival entrance entitling the holder to reclaim the 5 LTL deposit included in the ticket price. Keep the coupon until your departure. If the coupon is lost, you will also lose your right to reclaim the deposit. There will be plenty of waste containers across the Festival grounds and we kindly ask you to restrain from littering and to try to stop others from doing so.
Can I build a fire and where?
Special fire places will be set up within the Festival grounds. Building fires outside these places are strictly prohibited. Transgressors risk expulsion from the Festival.
Can I bring a portable barbeque kettle or a grill?
Small portable barbeque kettles or grills can be used, but appropriate precautions should be taken: grills should be placed in open treeless areas and supervised so hot coal does not burn the grass or endanger adjacent tents, neighbours and their property. Live coal should not be left unsupervised in grills. Used coal and other waste should be discarded to waste bags.
Showers, WCs?
Portable toilets and showers will be available in designated places across the Festival grounds. Locations of these facilities will be marked on the map of the Festival available free of charge at the Festival entrance.

What is (not) worth bringing?

To ensure order and safety of the Festival visitors, we kindly ask you to leave your pets at home. If you can not leave your pet behind, make sure you control it at all times and use a muzzle.
Survival and relaxation gear
For most of you, the Festival will last for three days, therefore we recommend bringing a tent, a sleeping bag and other items you find necessary to rest comfortably.
Do not forget to bring balls, frisbees, board games and other items to keep you entertained throughout the day.
Food and drinks
This year, “Tundra” will offer a sufficient selection of foods and drinks, therefore you shouldn’t waste your time in the supermarkets. If you decide to bring your own food nonetheless, we recommend sealed products that can withstand a few days of summertime outdoor temperatures.
Hygiene and pests
Like on any camping trip, repellents are recommended at the Festival, as well as any washing and bathing products and/or items you might need.
Like in all music events, the sound is usually very loud in close proximity to the stage. Please, remember that prolonged exposure to loud noise puts hearing at risk and can cause irreversible disorders. We recommend you to take your physical health seriously and always keep a pair or earplugs at hand. Simple earplugs are available from most occupational safety stores or pharmacies.

Things forbidden at the Festival (please, read carefully!):

Items forbidden at the Festival site
Alcohol drinks, glass containers, narcotic substances, weapons and other potentially hazardous items are strictly forbidden within the Festival grounds. The security of the Festival will confiscate spray paint cans, while those caught spray painting on the property or the territory of the Festival will be ousted from the Festival site.
Your ticket to the Festival is a wristband which will be attached to the wrists of all participants and visitors of the Festival. It is forbidden to transfer the wristband to another person. Wristbands are made durable and break resistant, and can be easily identified if reattached. Persons with reattached wristbands or without them will be expelled from the Festival site.
Environmental issues
Pollution, littering and other damage to the Festival grounds and environment is strictly forbidden.
Quiet in resting areas
Noise and disorder in camping areas, especially during the resting hours early in the morning and during daytime, is forbidden. Please, respect the right of other Festival visitors to rest and try to keep the noise away from the camping sites.
One of the main requests from the organisers of the Festival is to build fires only in designated places. Transgressors risk expulsion from the Festival.
Other visitors and participants
Please, remember that the Festival is big and some of the people you will meet there may have a different viewpoint from yours. Acts of aggression against other Festival visitors will not be tolerated and may be reported.