Tundra presents this year festival‘s stages conception and performers! 10.05.2010

The seventh Tundra will be differently structured from previous festivals. Four stages will no longer be limited by music styles performed in them, and the names of the stages will describe the mission of each musical space in a journey to...

The festival location has been confirmed! 29.04.2010

The latest news from “Tundra” organizers’ front – the festival location has been confirmed! “Tundra” is coming around on July 2-6, 2010, on the Avilis lake peninsula (Zarasai region), which beauty does not vail to the previous location.

Registration for performers and tradespeople has started! 29.04.2010

Everybody, who is eager to feed, to supply with beverages, to dress, decorate, enlighten and educate or cheer “Tundra” visitors in different ways, are welcome to register!

The 7th electronic music festival Tundra ’10 is going to happen! 06.03.2010

Organizers are happy to announce that electronic music festival Tundra ’10 is going to happen!  Reserve  the 2nd-6th of July  for the musical eternity which this year is going to last not for 3, but for 4 days and nights! More info is coming soon. Follow the news ;)


This year the assortment of entertainment, food and beverages is numerous than ever!
A new section of
Entertainment and Food is specially prepared for your attention. The title of the section speaks for itself. Everybody is welcome to check the prospective entertainment available at  Tundra '09.