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Distant Touch & Zabot - Alternate Algorithms [PhonixRec] OUT

Title : Alternate Algorithms
Label : Phonix Records
Catalog Number : PHODIGI010
Format : Digital download
Release Date: 27th June 2014 (Juno Download 2 Week Exclusive)
World Wide Release: 11th July 2014
Mastered by Dale Byl @ db Mastering, South Africa
Artwork by Etnarama


As the worlds of magic and science mesh together, the old and the new, the past and the future; what comes forth as the lines of reality blur? This was the question that plagued the minds of wizard Zabot and scientist Distant Touch. After many hours pondering and time travelling - the seed was planted and the idea was born.

Phonix Records is proud present its 10th digital release, Distant Touch and Zabot - Alternate Algorithms. With this release, these two beat hackers twist and bend waveforms to present us with their unique visions of the past and the future. Distant Touch spent many an hour travelling through the past to 'Analyze' the origin of magic. At the same time Zabot started his own studies into science and discovered the impressive and disorienting 'Offensive Psy Application'. Finally, it was time to process and assimilate all that they had learned and so the idea materialized, the waves come pouring forth from their minds and behold - the 'Alternate Algorithm' was realized.

With this release, Phonix Records is proud to continue on its mission to promote nothing but the very best in twilight psytrance mayhem. With that said, it is time to boldly go where no living being has gone before - into the realm of Alternate Algorithms!


1. Zabot - Analyze (Distant Touch RMX)

Original written and produced by Daniel Zabot at Zabot Studios, Portugal
Remixed by Ashley MacLaughlin at Distant Touch Studios, South Africa

2. Distant Touch - Offensive Psy Application (Zabot RMX)

Original written and produced by Ashley MacLaughlin at Distant Touch Studios, South Africa
Remixed by Daniel Zabot at Zabot Studios, Portugal

3. Zabot vs. Distant Touch - Alternate Algorithm

Written and produced by Daniel Zabot and Ashley MacLaughlin at Zabot Studio, Portugal and Distant Touch Studio, South Africa


Available exclusively on Juno Download for 2 weeks - grab it while it's hot!

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