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OUT NOW ! WHOSANE! & BRIANOID – And the Plot Thickens EP

WHOSANE! & BRIANOID – And the Plot Thickens EP


Supported by
Sander Kleinenber, Arjun Vagale, D-Sens, Vinayak^a,
James Warren, Summer, Diogo Ribeiro
& many more.

OUT NOW exclusively on Beatport : ... -ep/850153

Cat. No.: ASREP012
Release Date: 01.02.2011
Format: Digital
Artwork: Kaa
Genre: Tech House

• Tracklist:
1. Whosane! & Brianoid – And the Plot Thickens (Original Mix)
2. Whosane! & Brianoid – Set Me on Fire (Original Mix)

For their first collaboration, Whosane! & Brianoid have produced two exclusives tech-house smashers!
And the alchemy has been working quite well between the two partners in crime as they have already
tested their production on global dance floors receiving huge response from the crowd.

“And the plot thickens “ sets the grooves straight, with percussive tribal loops, huge sub-bassline,
infectious melody, all the ingredients to make a mind-blowing recipe.

“Set me on fire” redefines the sexy side of tech-house with a catchy lead that gets hooked in
your head while the kickdrum keeps on smashing massively on and on.

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