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Ultravoice vs. Azax Syndrom - Keep It Real (Com.Pact 2011)

Ultravoice vs. Azax Syndrom - Keep It Real (Com.Pact 2011) - OUT NOW!

Artist: Ultravoice vs. Azax Syndrom
Title : Keep It Real
Label: Com.Pact Records
Release Date: 10/2011
Genre: Psychedelic Trance
PR : Electro Public

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1. Ultravoice vs. Rizo - Keep It Real 2011 (Ultrazax remix)
2. Up & Away
3. Mechanical Mayhem


Ultravoice vs. Azax Syndrom - Keep It Real (Com.Pact Records 2011)


In life, there are only a small number of special junctions. This is one of them.

After releasing their latest studio albums, which instantly took over every possible dancefloor & chart, mega producers Avi Levi (Ultravoice) & Regev Azaria (Azax Syndrom) got back into the studio to bring us this amazing release in a form of a new EP.
‘Keep It Real’ is a masterpiece in all manners: With its massive grooves, ultra sophisticated arrangements & unbelievable production skills, this is the ultimate journey to your body & soul.
Get ready to be taken up & away, keepin’ it real in a world of mechanical mayhem.
Get your copy now. Keep it real!


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