OUT NOW ! Arnold From Mumbai - Space Cadets EP

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OUT NOW ! Arnold From Mumbai - Space Cadets EP



Cat. No.: ASREP010
Release Date: 09.12.2011
Format: Digital
Artwork: Kaa
Genre: Progressive & Techno

Supported by
Sander Kleinenberg, Nicholas Van Orton, Cid Inc, Arjun Vagale,
Logiztik Sounds, Daniel Mehes, Dimitri Nakov, Gerardo Boscarino,
Sasha Le Monnier, Ezequiel Marotte
& many more.

• Tracklist:
1. Arnold From Mumbai – On a tech Trip (Original Mix)
2. Arnold From Mumbai – Space Cadets (Original Mix)
3. Arnold From Mumbai – Gaia (Original Mix)

• OUT NOW exclusively on Beatport :

• Preview:

Air Snare Records proudly presents, Arnold From Mumbai – Space Cadets EP.
High energy and infectious enthusiasm are some of the adjectives
that are synonymous with the name Arnold Misquitta fondly known as
Arnold from Mumbai (AFM) in the Global Dance Music Scene. Arnold
hails from Mumbai but is at home in almost every city in the country.
For that matter, his name is now a household one in the genre of
electronica not only in India but across continents.

Starting our musical journey “On a Tech Trip”, we get straight on a
hell of a drive! Groovy and percussive loops topped with a round and
smooth bassline, the perfect combination announcing the uplifting
leads building up into a techno climax. After this little ride, its time
for the serious stuff, and “Space Cadets” will blow your mind hooking
you up from the first beats. An anti-gravity experience maintained by
the fluidity of the loops where the drums keep on squeezing a mad
groove. Our final destination “Gaia” is a progressive anthem to the
mother earth, where birds and animals sing along the leads and the


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::: Get ready for Tech Off :::

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Re: OUT NOW ! Arnold From Mumbai - Space Cadets EP

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