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Ultravoice ‘The Star Alliance 3’ Free Album Download + Tour!

Ultravoice ‘The Star Alliance 3’ Free Album Download + World Tour!

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Ultravoice, producer Avi Levi, needs no introduction, for close to a decade he has been topping the international trance scene.
This busy, versatile creature holds under his belt numerous track releases, remixes, albums, compilations & collaborations, released all over the globe.
Nowdays, Ultravoice is touring the world, promoting his latest studio album ‘The Star Alliance vol. 3’. Don’t miss your chance to get a piece of the action! Download this mega release & be sure to catch Ultravoice live on a stage near you!

Tour dates:

8/4/11-12/4/11 Japan Tour
16/4/11-30/4/11 Europe Tour (Serbia, Switzerland, Sweden)
5/2011 Mexico Tour
6/2011 Brazil Tour

A few last available dates left!

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