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Ultravoice – The Star Alliance Vol.3 (Com.Pact Records 2010)

Ultravoice – The Star Alliance Vol.3 (Com.Pact Records 2010) - OUT NOW!

Artist: Ultravoice
Title: The Star Alliance Vol.3
Format: CD / Digital
Style: Psy Trance / Full-on / Goa

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1. Ultravoice vs Perplex - Shake walker
2. Ultravoice vs Bizzare Contact – Summer Breeze
3. Astral Projection - People can Fly - Ultravoice Vs Azax RMX
4. Am Pm - The First Ring
5. Ultravoice Vs Intrsys Vs Michle Admson - Rubber Hands
6. Ultravoice vs Visual Paradox vs Twina – Master Of Blaster
7. Ultravoice Vs Switch - Ultraswitch - Bliss Rmx
8. Ultravoice Vs Visual Paradox Vs Cosmic Tone - Stop The Beat - Twina Rrmx
9. Ultravoice vs Indra - Double Click


Ultravoice – The Star Alliance Vol.3 (Com.Pact Records 2010)


Ultravoice, producer Avi Levi, need no introduction, for close to a decade he has been toping the international trance scene.
This busy, versatile creature holds under his belt numerous track releases, remixes, albums, compilations & collaborations, released all over the globe.
Get Ready for the Ultimate Star Alliance Edition. This invading force is lead in to battle by Ultravoice. The Mega Star Alliance that Ultravoice gathers for us is a weapon of mass destruction enclosed in a kick ass compilation that earns the name Star Alliance.
Being the top producer that he is Ultravoice manages each time to collaborate with other top of the line trance producers to bring us the Ultravoice Mega Concept of merging thoughts and ideas with years of experience and freshness time and time again creating for us masterpieces of contemporary trance that come with a warning: This Music Is Addictive, Intoxicating and is not for the weak hearted! In this album we can find names such as Visual Paradox, Cosmic Tone, Perplex, Switch, Intersys, Azax Syndrom, Michele Adamson, Twina, Bizzare Contact and Astral Projection. With remixes and new tracks created in collaboration with some of these mega artists mentioned above, this relentless release will keep you up and running like a danced crazy energizer bunny, and you will need all the energy you can get..


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