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ENOCH PRUSAK - the way I feel (Digital Duvet) *downbeat*

ENOCH PRUSAK - the way I see
(Digital Duvet)


OUT NOW !!!!!

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This is the debut album from Enoch Prusak.

Enoch Prusak is Charles Massey's (Perpetual Loop) ambient project, producing tracks of synthetic chillness with a cinematic twist, for mornings, summer afternoons, and late chilled nights.

About Enoch Prusak...
Enoch would say: “This, my first album, is an accumulation of moments, feelings and ideas. The tracks here express the calm and peacefulness I try and find in this otherwise mad and hectic place we all live in. The music here is synthetic and edgy, but with a soul and warmth; cinematic in places, lonely in others. I hope you enjoy what you hear.”

Charles Massey (Perpetual Loop, Grebeau), is already a successful musician, sound engineer, producer and record label owner. Influences for this work come from Jon Hopkin, Ulrich Schnauss, Vangelis, and many more, but is also very unique in its own right.

About Digital Duvet...
Digital Duvet is an open minded label releasing good, creative electronic music. It's focus is introducing music that opens up new ways and directions by new and exciting artists that currently exist on the sonic landscape. Music is to listen too, relax too, chill out too and appreciate.[/b]

Limited edition CD release, containing two additional tracks and lovingly created into a digipak

The album is available now on
| Bandcamp | & | Amazon |


** To hear samples see :

** Tracks 5 and 9 are only available on the CD

1. Into the light
2. Prism Down
3. Infinitium
4. Sleep
5. Deep Breath
6. Iciles
7. Unnatural Movement
8. Binary Climb
9. Reach the Closed Inside
10. These Stars we Collide

Watch video of 'These Stars we Collide'

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