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VA – Mutated Frequencies (Mutagen Records)

VA - Mutated Frequencies (Mutagen Records)


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Mutated Frequenciesis the next chapter in the Series of releases. This VA compiled and put together by the Mutagen records camp, it features most of their artists with a host of known names mixed with unknown projects as well as other projects from known names this compilation showcases the full range of music Mutagen Records covers.

From the morning vibes of Earthspace, Mechanimal, Saga, Contineum and Earbug to the deeper sides of K.i.M, Martain Arts, ManMadeMan, Architekt and Darshan and Hopi to the more nightime more psychedelic side of Dust and Nutcase (side project of Paul Taylor).

This compilation goes through many different journeys and trips mutating through different frequencies from beginning to end.


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1.Darshan & Hopi - Thrill the Hippies

2.Mechanimal vs Earthspace - 8 Degrees

3.Sinerider - Rewired (Saga vs Contineum remix)

4.Earbug - Goodie Oldie

5.ManMadeMan & Martian Arts- Dementia (Martian Arts remix)

6.Architekt - Harkonnen

7.K.i.M - Ravey Gravey

8.Nutcase - Gone Troppo

9.Dust - Blue


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