VA - Cultivation (Ganja Tree Records)

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VA - Cultivation (Ganja Tree Records)

VA - CULTIVATION (Ganja Tree Records)


OUT NOW !!!!!

Cultivation is the process of fostering growth into a higher state of perfection.

For your own mind enhancement, Sound Cultivator Foose has made this exquisite organic selection of the finest crops from all sound farmers! These tracks all grew with flawless and extraordinary qualities and respect for trancefields and meditation gardens.

Trancefield is a blend of psytrance breeds ressurected from:
- the Magical countrysides of the United Kingdom by Mechanimal, Champa & Contineum - the Great Russian marshlands by Sonic Eleysium - the Mystic German Forest by Mikari - and on the well nurtured Belgian Fields by D-ther, Lucid Mantra, Fraktophon and Electric Lord

Meditation Garden is a hybrid extract of chill out trance arisen from:
the ancient Greek temples by Feel and Sygnals - the icy wilderness of Finland by Dreadlock Tales - the keeper of the mystic German forests Mikari - and from the same excellently nurtured Belgian fields by Psygasus, Man From La Mancha and D-ther vs.Foose.

Master cultivator Patricio Tron has nourished this harvest into flawlessness.

Cultivation develops one's mind and soul!

Reach a higher state of awareness through dance and meditation!


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CD track listing:
To hear samples click on track


1. SONIC ELYSIUM - Illusions
2. MIKARI - Zugabteil
3. CONTINEUM - Purple Buddha
4. CHAMPA - The Miracle Pill
5. LUCID MANTRA - The Deep End
6. D-THER – Pennicillin For The Soul
7. MECHANIMAL - Event Horizon
9. FRAKTOPHON - The Breath of the Dying


10. MAN FROM LA MANCHA - Nazguel Dreams
12. D-THER VS FOOSE - Cultivation
13. FEEL - Fairy's Dance
14. PSYGASUS - Bodhicitta
15. MIKARI - From Silence To Silence
16. D-THER - Pixiedust
17. DREADLOCK TALES - World Tree


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Re: VA - Cultivation (Ganja Tree Records)

This partnership, between the mighty Hedflux and Bad Tango, Broken Robot’s latest signing, has been a long time coming. Eschewing the usual 4/4 beat for triplet time.

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Re: VA - Cultivation (Ganja Tree Records)

This partnership, between the mighty Hedflux and Bad Tango

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