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2014-11-24T11:32:24+03:00 <![CDATA[Blevyzgos / Spam • Electromagnetic Fields - Biohacking!]]>
From past 2 years i'm sleeping on an pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) therapy system. I must say, I have never felt better in my life, and so I wish to share this experience with you.

PEMF have been used for healing and physical/mental performance enhancement until recently from last 20-30 yrs secretly by NASA, Eastern european and russian defense and some leading sports persons.

I first discovered a PEMf system known as Earthpulse while on an Island. I accidently bumped into Paul, the inventor of the system in a club. He was quite a cool 60 y.o and i ended up sharing an amazing "dalai llama" with him. He was tripping after 20 years and we had an awesome time later looking at the sea and sky and getting amazed by nature as usual on cid :P

Anyways, the night turned to day turned to evening, man i was tired! I was about to go home and then we received a call from a close friend to come to another party. Man i had no balls after the long night. Paul asked me to give his device a shot. I lay down on the bed and he set the system to recover mode for 30 minutes and asked me to close my eyes and relax.
Within a few minutes i could feel my brain pulsating (it might be bcoz i was tripping i could actually sense it, because the electromagnetic field is very very weak, most users cant feel it at all, there are other reasons about electromagnetic sensitivity such as our pineal gland is sensitive to it and most people who don't meditate regularly or everyday have calcified pineals)
Anyways, so i got very deep sleep in minutes and after about 10 mins, i could see my consciousness becoming "awake" the feeling was great. the system uses PEMFs to put u to sleep and can wake u up also very gently and feeling great. When i woke up and stood, damn i was feeling energised!! and we went to party again.

Now after 2 years of use - i feel very sharp mentally, physically fitter, lungs are great even after smoking. i'm better than ever before! i dont get backaches although im chained to my desk 18 hours a day!

So yea theres a lot of reading to do, if you are keen to improve your loved ones or your life for the better! Get on with PEMF healing today! The device i use is called Earthpulse Sleep on Command..


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2014-11-11T10:29:02+03:00 <![CDATA[Blevyzgos / Spam • Re: Kur nusipirkt kalonėlės?]]> 2. Gunther & Stamina – Syncope (Original Mix)
3. Gunther & Stamina - Down Under (Original Mix)

FORBIDDEN allows ones to have the time of their life with much energy
which takes one higher and higher as the journey increase with the tempo.
Track after the other SYNCOPE creates a

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2014-10-01T15:18:48+03:00 <![CDATA[Blevyzgos / Spam • task]]>


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2014-05-14T15:19:26+03:00 <![CDATA[Blevyzgos / Spam • Re: dambrelis/lūpinė arfa/jew's harp]]> Paveikslėlis

Birželio 21-22-23 dienomis Taujėnų dvaro parke (Ukmergės raj.) įvyks ketvirtasis Lietuvos dambrelininkų suvažiavimas.

21 d. 19 val. dambrelininkų koncertas (dalyvauja visi norintys)

Antroje koncerto dalyje stovyklos viešnios Eglės Gelažiūtės pasirodymas.

Smulkesnė info:, arba 8 678 38880

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2014-01-17T14:19:41+03:00 <![CDATA[Blevyzgos / Spam • Re: DRIEZHAS albumo "Gonija" pristatymas Vilniuje ir Kaune]]> derinamos su Lietuvoje galiojančia autorių teisių apsaugos sistema.

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