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2011-07-13T15:03:57+03:00 <![CDATA[Renginių Archyvas / Events Archive • SOLARFEST]]> Paveikslėlis

Kviečiame sutikti vidurvasarį prie Baltijos jūros
pagerbiant SAULĘ su muzika ir šokiais.

Aidint būgnų dūžiams ir progressive trance renkamės palydėti saulę penktadienį - liepos 15 dieną.

Vėliau, visai nakčiai Shiva Bar geodome ir pajūryje įsikurs chillout zona.

Šeštadienio ankstų rytą pasitinkame ir sveikiname saulę - Surya Namascar.
Kopose visą dieną skambės progressive, minimal, goa trance, o pajūryje prie Shiva Bar įsikurs chillout zona.

Zitron (Trimurti records)
Shiney Man (Tranceformers)


Chillout zona:
Ping Pong Panda live (tranceformers)


Sekmadienį pasitinkame saulę ir visą dieną grojame, šokame, maudomės jūroje.

Didžėjų vardai bus paskelbti vėliau.

Atvykdami turėkite palapinę, miegmaišį ir tai ko reikia išvykai į gamtą.

Renginio dalyvio įnašas 20 lt.
Už vietą automobiliui 10 lt.

Nepraleiskite unikalios progos praleisti pajūryje.

Statistika: Parašytas fiddler — 13 Lie 2011 03:03 pm

2011-07-04T22:08:32+03:00 <![CDATA[Renginių Archyvas / Events Archive • FESTVALIS DŽIUNGLĖS'11]]> LIEPOS 29 - 30 (31) D. D.

25 lt - viso festivalio kaina (įvažiavimas ar įėjimas, vieta automobiliui, motociklui, mopedui, dviračiui ar palapinei, vietoje - upelis, šulinio, šaltinio ir geriamas vanduo). Įėjimas į palapinių teritoriją - nuo liepos 29 d. 12 val.

Pagrindiniai renginiai LIEPOS 29-30 D. Papildomi - 30-31 D.: laukiniai menai, tvarto kino naktys. LIEPOS 30-31: ZOO CUP (subkultūrų futbolo turnyras). 5-ojo čempionato nugalėtojai laimės firminę vardinę komandos aprangą, kurią galės nemokamai pasidaryti pagal savo dizainą. Komandų registracija


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2011-06-28T22:40:26+03:00 <![CDATA[Renginių Archyvas / Events Archive • Re: Misterika Festival 5 Crimea Mountains & Black Sea - Ukra]]> ... ydarValley


Statistika: Parašytas misterika — 28 Bir 2011 10:40 pm

2011-06-21T13:11:12+03:00 <![CDATA[Renginių Archyvas / Events Archive • Re: Misterika Festival 5 Crimea Mountains & Black Sea - Ukra]]> The door opens only for unusual creatures to another dimension, full of magic, where everything planned is carried out! We are inviting you to the fairy tale world, where the eternal summer and all living things is permeated with laughter, sincerity, and have a huge heart, full of endless kindness. Package the your magic trunks, grab the wings of hovering in the air, the mood of madness. At the appointed hour, we'll wait for you and only you have the portal in a picturesque corner of paradise in the mountains, greenery and magic
The festival place - Baydary Valley.
Baydary Valley gets its name from the largest settlement - Baydary (now Orlinoe). This name may be just a generic name of one of the Turkic tribes, or the Turkic word "Baytar" - herbalist who treated animals. Valley is famous for medicinal herbs even nowadays. Also there is a version Baydar-Ova. "Paydar" in Turkic languages - a great, great, "ova" - the valley. There are other translations, such as Bay-dere - Bahia valley. In ancient times, it was such named for its forest rich of fruits and wild animals and beautiful springs. Today, the valley surrounded by mountains, through beautiful and really soft, not hot climate, became known as Crimean Switzerland.

All info
The map, the conditions of the camping city, parking facilities, options for settlement in the nearby villages and all the other details we will present on the site in the coming days ....

All information (map, tent camp conditions, parking, the options settlement in thenearby village and all the other details) will be presented at the official festival website MISTERIKAFESTIVAL.COM soon!
Stay tuned!

Statistika: Parašytas misterika — 21 Bir 2011 01:11 pm

2011-06-15T01:29:17+03:00 <![CDATA[Renginių Archyvas / Events Archive • Re: Misterika Festival 5 Crimea Mountains & Black Sea - Ukra]]> Statistika: Parašytas fuka — 15 Bir 2011 01:29 am

2011-06-10T13:11:52+03:00 <![CDATA[Renginių Archyvas / Events Archive • Misterika Festival 5 Crimea Mountains & Black Sea - Ukraine]]> Misterika Festival 5 Crimea Mountains & Black Sea - Ukraine

When all the people join their hands and form the rings, there will be no evil and nonsenses which used to be born by these hands. When it becomes a meditation – the new transformations will come to our life. This is the time of unity, the time when each one of us shares the wealth with the Whole. There is no more capture, no more restraint there. This is a circle without fear, where nobody is let down or exalted. When we come to the main source, the substantive lineage of our dreams and desires, our hopes and fears, then we find that all of us are united together in a great miracle of existence. he great ascension of mental transformation, which gives us more space to openness and trust, which performs us into a child again, which makes us understand what's going on around us, with huge curiosity and a sense of mystery which is impossible to lose. Only when we unite our internal wealth with the power of love and treasure of wisdom, then we will be bound together in a thin pattern of eternal dance of the creation.

We invite all the alive beings to the island of Misterika to meditation among the lives of the sun and the starry sky, that merges on the horizon with the Black sea where holding hands, and listening to the magical sounds of music which is beyond the words, in polyhedral and deliberative experiment, we will discover the pleasure and gratitude to life!



Live Acts

MEEO (Digital Psionics / Sweden)

Braincell - LIVE (Free Spirit Records, CH) / Ralph (Rastaliens DjSet - Phar Psyde Rec., CH)

Hux-Flux (Spiral Trax / Sweden)

Battle of the Future Buddhas live-act
(Schlabbaduerst ReKkords, Sweden)

Megalopsy (Dark Prisma Records, Argentina)

Yudhisthira (Macedonia)

Amrita (Space Baby Rec, Ukraine)

Artifact303 (Sun Trip Rec, Romania) with new album Trip To The Sun

Flooting Grooves
(Peak Records / South Africa) LIVE

Crystal Monkey
(Peak Records / Switzerland / Uk) LIVE

The Light Shifter
(Elestial Records, Switzerland / Uk) LIVE

(Peak Records / Switzerland) LIVE

Kalumet (PsyLife Music,Budapest; Hungary) ***

Dirty Hippy (Space Baby Rec / United Kingdom)

Alienapia (Space Baby Rec)

Psy-H Project (GS Music) Russia

Shiva3 (Space Baby Rec , LUA , Crimea)

Synergic (Space Baby Rec / Germany)

Kala(Space Baby Rec / Macedonia)

Squazoid (Demon Tea Rec / France)

The Grobians (Hypnotica records / Blastlane records, Sweden)

Gorm (Hypnotica records, Sweden)

Therange Freak / Jar Jar binks ***
(Liquid Tune / Space Baby / Digital Shiva Power, Macedonia)

Balagan (Euphoria pro, Misterika family ,Crimea)

Braindrop (Omveda Records / Occulta Records /India);

Frog Prog (Euphoria pro, Misterika family ,Crimea)

Spirit Medicine (Space Baby Rec / Lviv)

The Prophets Of Dawn - Liveact with Piano,E-Guitar and Live-Sequencing, three artists
Presenting new David Sonnentiger EP "The Golden Masquerade"(soon out on Geomagnetic TV)
(FenFire Records / AUT)

David Sonnentiger vs. The Collector - Pingpong-DJ-Set, Morning Trance/Progressive
(FenFire Records / AUT) ... ?dlid=5916 ... ?dlid=5917

Tiefenrausch (FenFire Records / AUT)

Purity (Pure Euphoria Rec / Ukr)


KIN (MAssive Dynamic Records, India)
Tkalii (Digital Yonkis records / Santiago, Chile)
Alexxdrum (UKR)
Alice (UKR)
Ant Ti (UKR)
Divex (Ukr)
Psyche (UKR)
HoverFly (UKR)
Okujah (UKR)
Ktulhu (UKR)
Kin_Dza (UKR)
Maja (UKR)
Max Rider (UKR)
Mindwarp (UKR)
Shamaniac (UKR)
Leksa (RUS)
Vadiom (UKR)
Nosovoy (UKR)

Chill Out

Terra Nine (Tempest Recordings / CUT Music Group, Auckland, NZ)
Live Show Podcast (Glastonbury Radio): ... ury-radio/

(Digital Psionics / Sweden)

(Kuba records, Liquid sound design,Chillcode – Uk)

Dymons LIVE
(Peak Records / Switzerland)

Flooting Grooves
(Peak Records / South Africa) LIVE

Zymosis (Space Baby Rec, Sentimony, Skygravity, UP , Ukraine)

KYOTO (Space Baby Rec, Rus)

FreeZian (Space Baby Records, United Kingdom)

Chronos - Live performance + exclusive presentation new album "Inspirational Power"
(Ajana Records / Sunline Records / Altar Records / Beats & Pieces - Russia)

(Ajana Records / Sunline Records / Altar Records / Beats & Pieces - Russia)

Project "?!" (RUNE recordings / Belarus) LIVE

Sacral Reason
(Pitch Music Publishing, Altar records, Dacru records, Space Baby Records / Russia)

SWA (Russia)

Art Imagination (Misterika Family / Ukraine)

RAPAPAM (Reggae & Dub Live)

Salto (RUS) ***

Offmen (RUS)

Deco and visuals

Shankara LAB (Misterika family / Ukr)
NorDTantRA (Rus)
AC!D Family&#2768;
Hyper Icons (Spirit Medicine Promo) Ukraine
Paul Spider (Ukraine) ***

INTELLIKI (France) ... ture=share
Tea House/Cinema: Cinema-Tea-Ka

More Info:

Main dancefloor
Alternative & Chill Out Stage
Vegeterian Kitchen
Art Shops
Car Parking
Yoga zone



Shankara LAB (euphoria promo , misterika family)

Hyper Icons (Spirit Medicine Promo) Ukraine

AC!D Family lab (Rus) ***
Paul Spider (Ukraine)

Fire Show:
Psy Flame (Euphoria) Ukraine

Vj Kat4er (Misterika Family / Êèåâ)
Vj ALX (Shifted, Êèåâ)
Tea House/Cinema: Cinema-Tea-Ka


"The Science of Time. Mayan Calendar. 13 moons of the World."
PAN (Planet Art Network).

Slavonic Culture (a course leading TAN)

The Vedas and the origins of knowledge (the Dnepropetrovsk community of devotees of Krishna)
Holotropic Breathwork (Yoddha)
Technology development of consciousness


Spirit Medicine Promo

Ethnic – Fluro- Shops:

Misterika art shop

Avatara art shop (Kiev)
Exclusive ethno clothes, fashionable accessories (bags, bijou, belts etc), summer collection of Ninja shoes, neon bracelets.

Spirit Medicine | Hyper Icons
a shop of ritual and metaphysic artifacts (fluoro handmade T-shorts, bags, amulets)

If you want to share your creative ideas and make a unique contribution into the festival organization – we look forward to your suggestions and works.

Dear friends,
We would like to inform you that the core budget of the festival ia agreed.
There extra-conditions for the participants (djs and artists) are:
• 2 meals per day
• Free admission and inclusion to the proper line up
• Free accommodation of the tent at the territory of festival
• Free ticket for every 10 tickets sold

In this occasion you have a great opportunity to cover the part of the costs for your traveling. While advertising our festival on your web-sites and forums you have a certain percentage for the ticket sales in your area.

All these conditions are unique, and sometimes we make changes
in condition
Do not be afraid to discuss with us any questions :)
All demo and info send on
with love from Misterika islands
E mail :
msn :
skype misterikafestival or okujah
icq 441497354

We Are The World

Statistika: Parašytas misterika — 10 Bir 2011 01:11 pm